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    19 Things Freelance Writers Are Tired Of Hearing

    Do your freelancer friends a favor and stop asking them these inane questions.

    1. "What do you DO all day?"

    2. "That must be so fun!"

    3. "Writing must be really easy for you."

    4. "So you just work in pajamas all day, huh?"

    5. "Soooo, are you still writing?"

    6. "What have you written that I've read?"

    7. "Maybe this gig will finally turn into a full-time job for you!"

    8. "If you get paid by the word, you can just write it really long, right?"

    9. "Do you think I could do that? My grammar is pretty good."

    10. "You do that so you can be home with your kids, right?"

    11. "Can you watch my kid since you're home all day anyway?"

    12. "It's so nice of your husband to support you while you enjoy your hobby."

    13. "Why can't you go out to lunch? You're just hanging out at home, right?"

    14. "But it's not like you have a REAL job."

    15. "You should write about [random person or topic]!"

    16. "Will you read this thing I wrote?"

    17. "Will you read this thing my son/grandmother/neighbor wrote?"

    18. "It must be so great to work out whenever you want!"

    19. "I wish I could afford to do that."