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    30 Graduation Caps That Are Borderline Genius

    Out of here!

    1. This pun-tastic Bob's Burgers one:

    2. This one that throws it back to the '90s:

    3. This SpongeBob themed one:

    4. Honestly, same.

    tillerboomin / Via

    5. This hilarious The Office inspired cap:

    6. This grad who decided to show the voice of our generation:

    7. *dances across the stage*

    8. This iconic cap:

    9. This grad who is ready to take on life:

    10. The one that precedes "The One With All the Loans":

    11. This top-notch Mulan shoutout:

    12. Girl power:

    13. This cap for the designer in your life:

    14. This enchanted cap:

    15. This cap from a very organized graduate:

    16. This promise to stay in touch:

    17. This one that hits a little too close to home:

    18. This grad who is always networking:

    19. This Mean Girls-inspired one worthy of the Burn Book:

    20. Me too, Mia. Me too.

    21. This shoutout to the real love of your life:

    22. This declaration:

    23. This one that asks the real questions:

    24. This one that you can play at graduation if you get bored:

    25. This very relatable Parks and Rec masterpiece:

    26. This meme-tastic cap:

    27. Some words from everyone's hero, Elle Woods:

    28. When you gotta go back for grad school:

    29. This pre-historic creation:

    30. And finally, this one that is the perfect send-off:

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