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    • gracec32

      Since someone felt the need to flag my last comment (that contained NOTHING inappropriate) to get it removed, I will try again: citing another article whose author fails to mention any sources is not a legitimate reference. Please check your facts in the future, people are already scared enough about a science they don’t understand and it doesn’t help anyone to throw around statements like “The Food and Drug Administration does not conduct tests itself, but depends on producers to evaluate and certify the safety of their own products” when there is no factual basis for that claim. In reality, the USDA, FDA *and* EPA are ALL involved in GMO safety testing. Private companies do NOT get to put their genetically modified products on the market without government approval. Any readers who would like more information should look at the USDA’s FAQ page for biotechnology.

    • gracec32

      I call BS on the statement that the FDA doesn’t conduct tests and relies on biotech companies to regulate the safety of their own products. The FDA, EPA, *and* USDA are ALL involved in the testing process. Please do your homework before making scary claims like that, people are already terrified of a science they don’t understand and uninformed articles like this only makes things worse.

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