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Reasons Why Potatoes Will Always Be The Best! For UK Buzz Fellowship.

Not only are they beautiful on both the outside and inside, they will always be there for you when you need it the most.

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Did you know there is over 4,500 different types of potato?

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Before you go into a fantasy, dream-like and dribbling state over this thought, unfortunately, most of these are too bitter to actually eat.

There is even an Idaho Potato Museum dedicated to these lovely spuds.

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A whole world dedicated to people who love potatoes just as much as you.

Potatoes were even the first vegetable to be grown in space.

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And now aliens love potatoes too.

Potatoes are always up for a good time... / Via

They will always be the first ones to be up for getting baked.

Or mashed...

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Or if they are from the 70's, they are up for getting Smashed...

There aren't many vegetables out there that can be turned into booze.

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I mean, there are technically a few, but it becomes a bit prison-y after vodka.

Just like the advert says and every 90's kid will know, they're "waffly versatile".

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Mashed, boiled, baked, hassleback, waffles, letters, duchess, the list goes on.

Speaking of 90's kids, there was nothing better as a four year old than when the teacher brought out the potatoes to print with.

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Damn, art was good back then.

They have names that sound like they are people you would want to bring to a dinner party.

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Albert Rooster, King Edward, Russet Burbank and of course, Melody Potato.

There is nothing better than a big phat bag of chips.

A Digital Portfolio. / Via

Get in me belly.

And crisps! What an invention!

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So many different flavours and shapes, it's enough to have ones mind blown.

Roast Potatoes.

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Nuff said.

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