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27 Male Celebrities Who Can Kill You With Just One Wink

It's like a sick and twisted superpower or something.

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1. Zac Efron

New Line Cinema / Via

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

BBC / Via

3. Ian Somerhalder

The CW / Via

4. Heath Ledger

Touchstone Pictures / Via

5. Harry Styles

6. James Franco

Marvel Enterprises

7. Justin Bieber

CBS Television Distribution

8. Mark-Paul Gosselaar


9. Nick Jonas

10. Adam Levine


11. Niall Horan

12. Dylan O'Brien

13. Sir Paul McCartney

14. James Van Der Beek

Funny or Die / Via

15. Pete Wentz

16. Chris Hemsworth


17. Jensen Ackles

The CW

18. Michael Cera

Universal Pictures

19. Tom Hardy

20. Josh Franceschi

21. Zachary Levi

22. Matthew McConaughey


23. Ryan Gosling


24. Liam Payne

25. Tom Felton

26. Luke Hemmings

Capitol Records Ltd.

27. Ansel Elgort

20th Century Fox

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