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How To Survive The Comment Section

So you've finished reading the article, and you want to know what other people thought of it? Good for you! But wait, you're going to the comments section?! Better come prepared.

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2. Don't be a Troll

You're in this section to hear other’s viewpoints and possibly state your own or agree with another’s (or at least that's what you're telling yourself). Plus, there are already enough trolls out there.

3. Tread Lightly

Go to the Buzzfeed comments first. They tend to be a little less intense. Bonus: you can voice whether you agree and disagree without even having to comment by clicking the heart or broken heart button.

4. Leave Comment Section if the Urge to do This Happens

Check in.

Wanting to punch someone? No.

How about a wall? No.

Complained to the computer at an above average volume? No. Good.

Proceed to the Facebook comments with caution.

6. For the Controversial Stuff

Find someone you agree with and click like! Now you know others share your viewpoint. No need to repeat what they just said. Resist the urge to comment on every single comment you disagree with!

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