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Before you prepare yourself to go and deliver one of the best talks of your life to an enthusiastic lot yearning for motivation, please hold down your mike, and flash a radiant smile at first. With that beaming confidence, modesty and humility, prepare to light up the stage by keeping these 5 public speaking tips in mind.

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Your audience is there, rooting for you, and depending on you for their glint of motivation. Since they’re listening to you with full attention, give them something they can grab on for life, and can take home the second they walk out of your session.

The motivational keynote speaker Greg Reid says and we quote, “Keep digging, you could literally just be – Three Feet from Gold”. We are headed to the garage to get out shoveling tools, if you excuse us.


Try not to make you audience feel as if they made the wrong choice by coming all the way to listen to you. Try not to make your session seem like ‘just another boring lecture’ provided with stats and simple dictation from a screen flashing multimedia. Try to engage with your audience lively, and interact with them by probing questions and asking them about their experiences and thoughts as you go through.


Many speakers tend to defer any question asked during the session. Try not to make your speech sound dull and zoned on hard-toned facts, but welcome their questions any time and answer them in the way you like. If you don’t know the answer, which is seldom, try to admit it without feeling ashamed since it is really okay to be truthful than to dodge your audience. Your audience will pick these traits, and acknowledge them in their lives as well.


How would you feel if you prepared all night for your session and the moment you go on stage, the projector decides to fail you? Well, since anything unexpected can occur anytime, prepare yourself with a couple of back-up plans which would help to save the day and your time and effort.

Before going on stage, check the wiring and the microphones, and stage a pre-presentation as a check to see if the projector is working fine or not. Check your back-up or contingency plans, and see if the system supports your part of technology or not.


Being nervous before giving a talk is okay, but try not to be overwhelmed by it. Sometimes, your nervousness can get the best out of you and can ruin the session for you. You might tend to speak really fast while delivering your speech, and this would give away your entire session.

If you’re scared about your accomplishments or reputation on the stage, try to make the audience your top priority and zone your nervousness into excitement.

Also, try to revolve around the stage at all times, and don’t hide behind a podium or freeze in the middle while delivering a talk. Move around, and make eye contact or at times, raise your eye-brows and flash constant grins or smirks at the audience. They would feel at home, and so would you.

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