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    NC Gov Pat McCrory, Frankly, Will Let You Know When He's Full Of It

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, frankly, has a very subtle tell when he is just about to say something that is complete BS. Let's see if you can spot it in the examples below:

    "We need to have some compromise on it because, frankly, there was some abuse of it."


    "Speaking to the StarNews editorial board last week, McCrory said the state paid Comedy Central $400,000 to cover the convention as part of its satirical "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" news program. But an analysis of audit records shows the production received $190,211 from the incentive after spending $760,846... Asked for further examples of abuse, Tronovitch said he would check with the N.C. Film Office, which is a part of the Department of Commerce, though he had not followed up as of 10 a.m. Wednesday." - Wilmington Star-News

    “In fact, some of the manufacturers in towns like a High Point worked hard for this bill because they, frankly, want to hire illegal immigrants as opposed to North Carolina workers."


    "McCrory’s comment came at a morning meeting of the N.C. Board of Education, as he discussed a bill that widens an exemption in the citizenship checks employers are typically required to run on potential employees. The governor vetoed that bill, but the state legislature overturned his veto Wednesday... The News & Record listened to an audio file of the speech provided by WRAL. McCrory’s press office declined to clarify the remark, comment on it or name the manufacturers." - News & Record

    "We were having a lot of people move here, frankly, from other areas to get unemployment ... People were moving here because of our very generous benefits."


    "North Carolina's own rules prohibit people who have not worked in the state from tapping the state's unemployment insurance system, and economists say there's scant evidence for people moving across state lines for any work-related reason, much less because they're comparison shopping for unemployment insurance. Given that McCrory can offer scant evidence for his claim, it would be hard not to rate his statement as false." - WRAL

    “Frankly, they should have had a plan a long time ago." - McCrory on Coal Ash Cleanup Plan


    "McCrory declined to discuss key details about his proposal at an event in Raleigh on Wednesday, but called it 'innovative' and 'aggressive.'... McCrory, a Republican, worked for Duke Energy more than 28 years prior to retiring to run for governor. The company and its employees have remained generous political supporters to McCrory's campaign and groups that support him. Peter Harrison, a lawyer with the environmental group WaterKeeper Alliance, said McCrory's plan largely adopts Duke's position when it comes to removing the coal ash away from waterways." - AP

    “I, frankly, think there are some things that are out of our control, it’s in God’s hands." - McCrory on climate change


    "I’m spending my time cleaning our air, cleaning our water, and cleaning the ground. And I think that’s where the argument should be on both the left and the right. And if that has an impact on climate change, good.” - CBS

    “We will probably be more assertive than in our first year, which I frankly thought was extremely assertive. We had a heck of a good first year, but now I think we can take even more initiatives."


    "Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s first months on the job were trying ones. It was legislators from his own party who drove major policy debates on everything from abortion rights to voter identification in 2013, often leaving the new governor little more than a spectator." - News & Observer

    "Frankly it's pragmatic, systematic change that's going to make North Carolina more competitive."


    "Last week, Republican lawmakers in the state House of Representatives approved new rules governing the practices of physicians who perform abortions. McCrory has indicated he will sign the guidelines into law, a move Democrats say would break a campaign promise to stay clear of any new abortion restrictions. 'Absolutely not,' the governor said, insisting the new rules are only a necessary legal update to regulations already on the books. 'Absolutely, that's a promise kept.'" - CNN

    “I go out in the crowd all the time. Frankly, yesterday I went out and I talked to several of them."


    "Gov. Pat McCrory has not been in the crowds of protesters gathered at the N.C. Legislative Building for the weekly “Moral Monday” demonstrations, according to his spokeswoman... The comments came the day after social media sites lit up with people on the hunt for photos, video or any reports of McCrory mingling with protesters after the governor was quoted as saying he meets with them 'in the crowd.'” - News & Observer

    "They were actually moved over to areas that frankly a lot of older people applied for, too. But frankly, these two young people are very well qualified and they are being paid for jobs at which that's the pay rate for that job."


    "We may dub the governor 'Gov. McFrankly' because he used 'frankly' a couple of times there while he was in the process of getting his facts wrong. DHHS, according to a report from the Associated Press, can produce no evidence that the jobs were advertised and that there was any competition from “older people” or anyone else. An AP review of state government job descriptions made it clear that the duties that McKillip and Diaz are expected to perform are rewarded at a far lower standard of pay elsewhere in state government. Wrong again, Gov. McFrankly... The least the governor could do is shoot straight about it rather than try to explain it away while getting his facts wrong and, frankly, insulting the intelligence of the public." - News & Observer

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