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8 Ways To Amaze The One You Love By Cooking For Valentine's Day: French Style Edition

You fell in love this year? Or maybe you just have no more original ideas for Valentine’s day in 2017? Don’t panic anymore because here are the top 8 stunning ideas to create a unique special moment for your beloved one. In fact, you will impress him/her with a French romantic cuisine style.

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1. "Champagne fruité"

As an aperitif, what better drink than champagne to start? It will already create a magical atmosphere, but the thing is that if you put frozen fruits in it, they will be used as ice cubes, but in a way that will awake your appetite, and your desire…

2. The "Coquilles Saint Jacques"

With such a start, your lover will already be conquered for sure, but you are only at the beginning! What better way to impress even more someone by cooking delicate scallops, simply definitional of delicacy.

And don’t forget to add a touch of Espelette pepper to create a little kick to the dish and to warm up the vibe…

3. "Légumes confits et sa tuile de parmesan"

If you are not a big fan of sea food then, no worries, you can still propose to the one you love an alternative: colorful candied vegetables.

Very refreshing with a hidden crunchy surprise, a Parmesan crisps!

4. The "Tournedos Rossini à la truffe"

As a last option for the main dish, if you feel that you have the spirit of a real 3 star French chef, this is what you could consider to be the final boss as part of astounding dishes. Called “Tournedos Rossini”, it is nothing less than a piece of beef with a piece of “Fois gras” and truffles on it, on top of a toast surrounded by a sauce made out of French wine (Madère) and little vegetables.

If you decided to prepare this dish, make sure to have an even better idea for next year’s Valentine’s day.

- You are a "Cordon Bleu" - she/he would say.

5. "Crème brulée"

Looking for a dessert? The “crème brulée” is perfect to express your love to each other.

And for you gentlemen, you can add some flower petals (comestible of course), it is always a huge success.

6. The "Pomme d'amour"

It literally means « the apple of love », so I think it is pretty representative of the message you want to send to the other.

Plus, it is a fruit, it is healthy as a dessert, right? (let's forget all this caramel on it)

7. "Fraises sauce chocolat"

If u want to stay in this “healthy” side of the desserts, just go for strawberries. Of course there is a little twist because you will dip them into melted chocolate… It can goes really playful, by feeding each other, and getting closer…

You are allowed to play with food for once, so what are you waiting for?

8. The "Fondant au chocolat"

The final piece... If none of the previous desserts interested you, well, look no further because this is something on an all other level.

This little chocolate cake has a melted heart, just as yours for your lover.

- Guaranteed to impress -

9. Extra ;)

For the ones who think that Valentine's Day is a commercialized celebration, here is the example that, at least, it is a period of the year that permits people to take time to share their feelings and to remind to each other of these.

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