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    15 Indisputable Reasons Why Nick Miller Is The True Main Character Of "New Girl"

    You know he's your favorite character, don't deny it.

    1. He's relatable.

    2. He has sound logic.

    3. He's always at the bar.

    4. He has realistic expectations about himself.

    5. He respects his elders.

    6. He supports women.

    7. He makes us feel okay about being introverts.

    8. He's a handyman.

    9. He has the face of a star.

    10. He already has a theme song.

    11. He's always climbing the ladder of success.

    12. He has great pick-up lines.

    13. He cares about the environment.

    14. He's an open book.

    15. And finally, he's an incredible kisser.