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5 Reasons Why Storeless App Will Change Your Life

Some crazy Stanford students built an app, called Storeless, that will change the way we grocery shop and cook. It spits out a weekly list of ingredients to buy and recipes that use exactly those ingredients. No more throwing out that half can of tomato sauce you didn't use again. No more having to plan what to cook or what ingredients to buy. Mind. Blown.

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1. You come home after a long day and realize you have to figure out dinner... and you have nothing to make

So much, yet soooooo little! Why do I have so much mustard???

So much, yet soooooo little! Why do I have so much mustard???

2. You don't have the energy to go to the store, and you don't know what to make with what's in your cabinets, so you settle for the same thing you've had the last 3 nights...

3. This is where Storeless comes in!

4. Using optimization algorithms, Storeless gives you a list of ingredients to buy every week with matching recipes so that you have a plan for every meal, and you use exactly what you need!

5. No more wasting spoiled food or having to think about what to make ever again...

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