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13 Things You Didnt Know About The Cast Of 'Gossip Girl'

We knew everything about their characters' big city lives, but much less about the actors that portrayed them. Get the inside scoop about the people behind Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck, Nate and Jenny, and pick up the complete and final season of "Gossip Girl" on DVD or download it on February 12th.

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4. Blake Lively Was Bullied In School

Venturelli / Getty Images

She told Vogue, "It was the only school where people were just downright mean to me...They would make fun of my clothes because I dressed differently than the other kids.”

5. Chace Crawford Never Planned To Be An Actor

Michael N. Todaro / Getty Images

After graduating from high school he enrolled in Pepperdine University and studied advertising, business and communications. It wasn't until his sophomore year that his mother encouraged him to give acting a shot. However, an aptitude test he took in high school indicated he should pursue a career in performing arts.

8. Leighton's Mother Was Serving Time In Prison When She Gave Birth To Her

Rabbani and Solimene Photography / Getty Images

Constance Haas was serving time in a Texas prison for smuggling marijuana into the US when she was pregnant with Leighton. She gave birth in a hospital and then cared for Leighton for three months in a halfway house before turning Leighton over to her grandmother and returning to prison.

13. Heidi Montag Sang A Song Taylor Momsen Wrote On Her Album, "Superficial"

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When Taylor was 8, she wrote and recorded a song called "Blackout." Heidi recorded a version of it in 2009 and made it the 10th track on her first album.