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13 Ways Taking Trips In An RV Is Probably Nothing Like You Imagine

Cross that NYC-to-LA road trip off your bucket list.

Be honest: When you think of RVing, your mental image is something like this, right?

In reality, it can look something more like this.

Here are some ways taking a trip in an RV is probably nothing like you think.

1. It's the joys of camping with the luxuries of home — all rolled into one.

2. You've got a kitchen on board, so you can whip up gourmet meals.

3. There's storage space, so you can bring bigger things, like a canoe or a bike — or even an ATV.

4. You've got a fully functional bathroom, so you can make fewer stops and get squeaky clean every day.

5. Which means you can spend more time stopping for beautiful views.

6. Super-comfy beds = better sleep = a better trip.

7. Most RVs have TVs and Wi-Fi, so you can bust out old-school movies and game systems or add a streaming box for all the content or even create a podcast.

8. Get a load of this interior! GET A LOAD OF IT! White leather upholstery, sleek modern design... Yes, please!

9. You can enjoy a nice brunch at the kitchen table.

10. Your favorite fur babies can tag along too.

11. RVs are a perfect way to explore the great outdoors.

12. But they are also the perfect home base for tailgating...

13. ...or crossing off the NYC-to-LA road trip you have on your bucket list.

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All images courtesy of Go RVing.