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    Attention, Cold People: This Space Heater Is The Answer To Your Icy Prayers

    The Lasko Ceramic Heater is here to save your circulation.

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    Not to be overdramatic, but my tiny Lasko ceramic space heater is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

    It’s the only reason I’m alive and not currently a frozen meat husk. I live in an apartment that is, on average, completely freezing. I strongly suspect it’s a portal to some alternate dimension plagued by eternal winter and omnipresent mist. My feet are always cold.

    There are not enough socks in the world, and my inner dad won’t let me crank up the thermostat.

    With this space heater, however, I have wrested control of the elements back from the cruel, unforgiving hands of Mother Nature.

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    A coworker recommended it to me back when I used to work in a office that kept the temperature somewhere in the neighborhood of “subarctic.” I was typically wrapped in multiple blankets like a shivering burrito; meanwhile, my coworker was over in her cubicle looking toasty. Her secret: this space heater. I got one for myself, and it was like seeing light after a thousand years of darkness.

    This little miracle has lasted me three years so far (longer than that job!).

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    I mostly use it to warm up the bathroom when I take showers, but I also use it on particularly chilly nights and mornings during the winter.

    Because of the aforementioned frozen tundra that is my apartment, I’ve never had occasion to use the fan setting or even the “low heat” setting, but rest assured it has both of those in addition to the “high heat” setting I utilize exclusively. It’s small, portable, inexpensive, and not too hot to touch when it gets going. It also heats up quickly.

    If it sounds like I’m obsessed, that’s because I am. And I’m not alone. This thing has over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

    Amazon Customer / Via

    “My office is basically runs the AC likes it's a meat market. This is my ride-or-die office essential! There's not a working day that I don't use it.” —CrownedCourt94

    “I use this in my bedroom in an old house where the heat doesn't work on my floor, and despite this thing being tiny (smaller than a letter sized piece of paper), it really does pack a punch when heating my room (which is huge, like 200 square feet). I didn't notice much of a difference on my electric bill this month. It does produce an air-blowing sound, which I don't mind. There is no motor hum or other sound." —Amazon Customer

    “Works great! I usually just turn it on medium high for 45 minutes or so before bed and then leave it on the lowest setting all night. This little guy keeps my large bedroom — which is a converted garage with literally no insulation — perfectly cozy all night.” —Katie Kelley

    And if you’re hesitant because of the impact it might have on your electricity bill, worry not. Personally, I haven’t noticed much of a difference, and neither, it seems, have other cold souls of Amazon:

    “My desk faces a huge window. I used to feel drafts on cold days. With this heater under the desk, I stay warm all the time. Before it arrived, I was concerned about what an electric heater might do to the electricity bill. But the effect has been minimal (as in under $5 a month). I use the heater more days than not and have its thermostat somewhere between 2 and 3, which heats the area around my desk to around 72ºF. My office is about 8x12, and if I close the door, the heater (set at 2 or 3) definitely makes the whole room warmer.” —David J. Ryan

    "Awesome heaters!!!! I bought three of these heaters and haven't had a problem yet! I had them in different rooms (the biggest being about 20x20) and it could heat you out of the room on the low setting! And better yet, my electric bill didn't skyrocket even with these three running and normal electric use! Highly recommend!!!" —Brien P.

    The people have spoken, and the people are toasty.

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    Get it from Amazon for $25+, Jet for $23.83, or Walmart for $27 (available in black and silver).

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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