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Hemlock Grove Breaks Records

Eli Roth takes the directors chair for this unprecedented online-series.

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A few weeks ago we gave you an inside look at the then upcoming horror series 'Hemlock Grove' that was slated to hit Netflix. For those of you who may have missed it you can find that article, here. Here is a quick recap just in case you want a little more detail. The series is based in the fictional town of Hemlock Grove and follows the story of townspeople on a search for the killer of a young girl. When strange things start to happen and the truth not only about the murder but the town itself is revealed, the more terrifying their reality becomes.

Hemlock Grove marks the 2nd series of programs that have been officially released on the online streaming service Netflix. The entire first season was released a few weekends ago and according to several different reports, it quickly became the services most watched series, beating out the smash-hit, House of Cards. Netflix hopes to continue its success in online TV series streaming when it brings back the much loved comedy, Arrested Development later this month.

Horror fans were happy to see horror master Eli Roth taking the directors chair for this high energy and obviously blood-filled series. What gave the creative team, including Roth, a little more freedom to do what they wanted as far as content goes. This was certainly not your typical network TV type series. That is part of what drew people in. Horror fans in particular enjoyed more of the visual horror that they were able to get away with. You could show more of the gore which in a strange sort of way, gave the overall story more depth. Hemlock marks the first TV series that Eli Roth has directed throughout his star-studded and blood stained career. Fans are still anxiously awaiting any word related to the often rumored Roth short film, Thanksgiving. Maybe the success of Hemlock Grove will give Roth the step forward he needs to bring that project to fruition.

The future looks bright for Eli Roth as his production ventures are looking to take off to a new level and Goretorium continues to thrill visitors on a daily basis. You should come down and see what all the screams are about. Don't come alone though. Trust us, you will need someone to hold onto once all is said and done. Check back again next week when we bring you more of the horror news and features that you love. Until next time.

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