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Eli Roth's Is Taking On The Small Screen With A Straight-To-Netflix Adaptation Of The Novel "Hemlock Grove"

Straight from the mind of Eli Roth comes a Netflix Original series guaranteed to change the way you see werewolves..Presenting Hemlock Grove, Produced by Eli Roth and starring Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgård and Eliana Jones, this 13 part series will be released all at once exclusively to Netflix starting April 19th.

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If releasing only to Netflix seems a little outlandish, you obviously haven't checked out the critically acclaimed series House of Cards, which too is exclusive to Netflix Subscribers. But the fans have spoken and a direct to Netflix release seems to have only added to the hype as everybody will be able to check out the show at their own pace, but enough about where to find it, did I mention Dougray Scott from Hitman is in this?

The show is based off the novel by Brian Mcgreevy, which details the story of a young teenager uncovering a seedy and dark side to his local community he never knew existed. While the teenager happens to be a werewolf, he uses his abilities and passion to bring the darkness to light to uncover a mystery few could have imagined the truth to. The archetypes here are something we aren't used to in our typical horror story, but with the added element of mystery and suspense, the book puts a fresh take on age old concepts of a community trying to heal from old wounds and how history always repeats itself.

Eli Roth says of the story; "It is a wonderfully creative and twisted reinvention of classic monster archetypes, wrapped up in a mysterious thriller. I loved it. Brian McGreevy is a welcome new voice in horror literature, but be warned: it's not for the faint of heart, or stomach."

While boasting some heavy hitting actors such as Famke Janssen, most notably recognized for her role as "Jean Grey" in the "X-Men" films, Roth has also managed to acquire Dougray Scott, Who like I mentioned earlier played "Mike Whittier" in the Hitman film back in 2007. So fans are rejoicing to what looks to be Eli Roth's successful foray onto the small screen, but don't just take our word for it, the series starts April 19th and all thirteen episodes will be released exclusively to Netflix subscribers!

So remember the date, mark it on the calendar, etch it onto your bathroom mirror..You are not regret cancelling your wedding for the premier, well maybe don't do that, being on Netflix you can watch it whenever you want!

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