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Eli Roth And Nicolas Lopez Present Survival Horror At Its Most Intense In The New Film "Aftershock"

I am sure everybody remembers the massive earthquake that wreaked havoc on Chile back in 2010, the quake measured over an 8 magnitude on the richter scale and clearly demonstrated just how devastating a mega-quake can be on our modern infrastructure. The destruction claimed hundreds of lives and managed to leave tens of thousands homeless, while leveling nearly every sign of civilization near the coast.

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Well Chilean filmmaker Nicolas Lopez has teamed up with the one and only Eli Roth to bring you a chilling tale derived from his personal experience of the disaster. Nicolas Lopez is often regarded as one of the best directors in Chile, responsible for the films "Que Pena Tu Vida" and "Que Pena Tu Boda" which were two of the highest grossing films in Chile of the last three years.

Also involved with the project is Guillermo Amoedo, another South American filmmaker currently working with Eli Roth on his next film, "the Green Inferno."

The Story of Aftershock follows an American tourist(Roth) who's trip goes from great to horrific all in the matter of a few hours. He manages to meet up with a friend and engages in a night of drunken debauchery where they meet a small group of lovely young women at one of the local underground nightclubs.

What ensues is chaos none could have imagined, as the earthquake hits leaving hundreds trapped under the rubble, the survivors soon discover that the earthquake was the least of their worries. As they flee to the surface for what they think is safety, the survivors discover the indescribable horrors above ground..

The script which was originally penned by Eli Roth and Nicolas Lopez, revolves around the islands local insane asylum. During the earthquake the unthinkable happens as the entire inmate population of the asylum escapes, unleashing the terror on the devastated community. What has me excited the most about this film is just how many crazy types of murderer personas we are going to be taking in, it's not going to be just one psychopathic criminal with sick fantasies..It's going to be an army of psychopathic criminals with sick fantasies.

Seeing Eli. While in Hostel we managed to get a taste of some horrifying depravity, here I am imagining that type of brutal, gory, hopelessness that pervades that entire film to be present on a massive scale here. There's no more hiding, no more keeping secrets, it's all out in the open, total chaos!

On top of the survivor element of the story, you now have the added Roth flavor of twisted personalities to make this one kick ass movie worth seeing. Apparently much of the violence will be based off of true events that plagued the country during the time of the crisis, where it will draw the line though I am sure only those involved with post-production know. More importantly I haven't seen Eli on screen since he played the Bear Jew in 2007, so needless to say I am marking the date on my Beyonce Pregnancy themed calendar..May 10th.

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