Carrie Is Back For 2013

The latest re-make of a horror classic goes all out…

With all of the movie reboots happening over the last decade…

We have seen everything from superhero franchises, classic musicals and horror movies have all seen a surge of re-innovation. What makes some of these reboots great is that when the original movies were made, technology was very limited, and things that could be done special effects wise or even just the filming process were much different. By giving the stories fresh takes and updating the visuals, it becomes more appealing to a modern day audience. Not all movie reboots are great. There have been plenty that did not go over very well. For the most part, they have hit their mark. One upcoming release has horror fans excited is the re-invention of the classic Stephen King novel, Carrie.

Carrie tells the story of teenager Carrie White, a young, sheltered girl going through High School and discovering that he possesses supernatural powers. Her overly religious mother likens her abilities to that of the Devil, and is convinced that she can “pray” the evil out of her daughter. The secondary plot focuses on Carrie’s relationships with her peers and how they all think that she is weird and an outcast. As the story progresses, Carrie is invited to Prom and is finally starting to feel accepted by her peers. Her mother however, has different ideas saying that their intentions are not pure and they will all laugh at her. The story ends with a bang as the true horror of Carrie’s abilities are revealed. The story is considered by many horror fans to be a classic and is still one of Stephen King’s best works. Horror fans are very excited about this release. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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