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21 Signs Blackpool Pleasure Beach Is Your Spirit Home

A superior Alton Towers.

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2. But that's nothing compared to the feeling of getting on your first ride of the day.

Which ALWAYS has to be the Grand National, because it's the first one you get to after sprinting through the gate.

3. You try to build up slowly.

Anybody for the River Caves?

4. But you always crack and go on the Big One too soon.

After all, the main reason you're at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on a mid-September Tuesday is to ride it 17 times. Right?


5. And take that climb to the end of the earth.

6. Because how can you resist this?

12. You have very mixed opinions about ride sponsorship.

Gordon Pal / BuzzFeed

You still call Revolution "The Irn Bru", but God help anyone who refers to the Big One as "The Pepsi Max". And people who still mistake the Ice Blast for "The Playstation" are just showing their age.


14. But now you get to go on Infusion instead.

16. You have to admit that Infusion is pretty blummin' awesome.

Those loops!


17. You're very envious of the guy who broke the roller coaster-riding world record on the Big Dipper.

Flickr: eatmorechips / Creative Commons

There's a plaque commemorating Richard Rodriguez riding the Big Dipper for 1,000 hours in 1998. He later broke his own record, riding it for 2,000 hours. After the Guinness World Records changed the rules of roller coaster-riding, he broke it again on the Big One in 2007.

20. And you never leave without eating every single seaside treat you can get your hands on.

Gordon Pal / BuzzFeed

Ice cream + candy floss + rock + unlimited coke + fish and chips + roller coasters = what could possibly go wrong?

21. Basically, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the best place in the world.

And anyone who thinks Alton Towers is better is welcome to disagree. Because then our queues will be shorter.