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    26 Reasons Sheffield Is The Best Thing About The North

    Parks, beer, and great people. What more could you need?

    1. It's the greenest city in the country.

    LanceB / Thinkstock

    Sheffield has over two million trees. That's four for every resident.

    2. And it's right next to the Peak District.

    I_Longworth / Thinkstock

    3. Which means you can jump on a bus to get here.

    Flickr: Joe Dunckley / Flickr: steinsky

    Ladybower Reservoir is half an hour's bus ride from the city centre.

    4. Or drive here in half an hour.

    Flickr: Jacqueline Poggi / Flickr: jacqueline_poggi

    This is Chatsworth House.

    5. Sheffield is full of beautiful parks.

    Flickr: Earthwatcher / Flickr: earthwatcher

    Endcliffe Park is one of 80 public parks in the city.

    6. And great pubs.

    Flickr: robin byles / Flickr: robinbyles

    The Old Queen's Head is the oldest building in the city, dating back to 1475.

    7. And great pubs in beautiful parks.

    Flickr: Budby / Flickr: 30120216@N07

    The Dam House has a beer garden in Crookes Valley Park.

    8. And then there's the beer.

    The New York Times listed Sheffield as one of its "Places to Visit in 2014" due to it being Britain's best beer city.

    9. Sheffield is built on seven hills. Like Rome.

    Flickr: Paolo Margari / Flickr: paolomargari
    sborisov / Thinkstock

    10. Except it's nicer.

    Flickr: Paolo Margari / Flickr: paolomargari

    11. It's the home of Jessica Ennis-Hill.

    Paul Thomas / Getty

    12. Who Sheffield loves.

    Paul Thomas / Getty

    This was the 18,000-strong crowd that greeted her when she returned from London 2012 with a gold medal.

    13. Sheffield United even named a stand of Bramall Lane after her.

    14. The city is incredible at football.

    Flickr: robin byles / Flickr: robinbyles

    The combined average attendances of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday was 37,857 last season. That's more than most teams in the Premier League, despite the fact that they play in the third and second tier respectively.

    15. Which means that the Steel City derby is one of the most intense in the country.

    Flickr: Jon Candy / Flickr: joncandy

    Most notably in what is now known as the Boxing Day Massacre of 1979.

    16. Sheffield is also home to the oldest derby in world football.

    Flickr: robin byles / Flickr: robinbyles / Via

    But it's not played between Wednesday and United. Sheffield FC and Hallam FC first played each other on Boxing Day 1860.

    17. Sheffield's stars still remember their roots.

    Had a drunk conversation with @joeroot05 at Vipers last night. Sorry about that mate

    Rory Freeman@rorypfreeman

    Had a drunk conversation with @joeroot05 at Vipers last night. Sorry about that mate 😂

    11:31 AM - 04 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    When he isn't racking up runs for his country, England cricketer Joe Root is often spotted in Sheffield's nightclubs.

    18. Sheffield hosts the World Snooker Championship every year.

    tomasworks / Thinkstock

    19. People from Sheffield are caring. When a mobile sandwich shop got stolen, #FindJohnsVan trended on Twitter.

    We found @johnsvan on the Medics Fancy Dress Social! #MFDS2013 #findjohnsvan

    Sheffield MedSoc@SheffieldMedSoc

    We found @johnsvan on the Medics Fancy Dress Social! #MFDS2013 #findjohnsvan

    9:10 PM - 10 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    20. It's home to loads of great music.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty

    That's Arctic Monkeys.

    21. Seriously. Loads.

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    That's Pulp. But the Human League, Reverend and the Makers, Def Leppard, Little Man Tate, and Heaven 17 all come from Sheffield too.

    22. Plus it hosts the Tramlines Festival every July.

    Flickr: Shane Rounce / Flickr: shanerounce / Via

    In 2011, Tramlines was voted the Best Metropolitan Festival at the UK Festival Awards.

    23. It's the home of Henderson's Relish.

    Flickr: Dan Sumption / Flickr: gulch

    24. Which even this guy loves.

    Flickr: Tim Parkinson / Flickr: timparkinson
    Rob Stothard / Getty

    Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, Sheffield Hallam's MP, wrote an open letter defending the honour of Henderson's earlier this year.

    25. And it's home to one of the country's best universities.

    Flickr: Elaine / Flickr: neurotic_camel

    26. Just look at Sheffield. It's bloody lovely.

    Flickr: *will~les~photo* / Flickr: 48779633@N02

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