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21 Life Hacks You Didn’t Realise You Could Do With Google

Take your googling to the next level.

1. Go underwater.

As well as take a street view on Google Maps, you can now also take an underwater one too, in Loch Ness, no less! No word on whether anyone has located Nessie yet, though.

2. Find something local.

3. Do a barrel roll.

4. Compare nutritional information.

5. Keep track of flight times.

6. Set a timer.

7. Search for GIFs.

8. View chemical compounds.

9. Find out the weather forecast.

10. Convert units.

11. You can convert currency too.

12. Translate to one of 90 languages.

13. Solve geometric equations.

14. Find out the time of the sunrise and sunset.

15. Find your phone.

16. Beat the traffic, rather than become the traffic.

17. Get instant information on movie listings, concert dates, and restaurant menus.

18. "Undo" sent emails.

19. Explore Mars (and chat with the locals too).

20. Play Atari Breakout with Google Images.

21. Access public data.

Take full control of your privacy settings.