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Summer As A Kid Vs. Summer As A Parent

Hey, remember when summers used to be fun?!

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1. As a kid: "Last day of school! Yay!"

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As a parent: "Uh-oh..."

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2. As a kid: "No school for six whole weeks! This is going to be so much fun!"


As a parent: "Our versions of fun may differ slightly..."

3. As a kid: "Beaches! Seasides! Sandcastles!"


As a parent: Still finding sand in the car five weeks later.

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4. As a kid: "The sky's awake, so I'm awake."


As a parent: "The sky's awake, so I guess I'm awake too!"

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5. As a kid: "We're going on a holiday! We're going on a plane!" / Getty Images

As a parent: Fondly remembering all those lovely, peaceful holidays the two of you used to have.


6. As a kid: "Can I go on the bouncy castle?!"

Buck Forester / Getty Images

As a parent: "I can't go on the bouncy castle, can I?"

7. As a kid: "Are we there yet?"


As a parent: "Are we there yet?"

8. As a kid: "End of summer? Back to school? Already?"

PhotoAlto/Antoine Arraou / Getty Images

As a parent: Time to start thinking about Christmas...

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