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10 Very Scientific Charts For Every Music Lover

The answers to your most pressing music questions are here! Keep life stress free and enjoyable with the curated radio stations on Google Play Music — free, ad-supported music for everything you do.

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1. When you're vertically challenged:

Even if you can't see, you can always jump to our Pick Up Your Feet radio station.

2. When you're torn between busting a move at a concert or just chilling:

If you're at the concert, in your room, or on the train, jam out to our 2015 Dance Party radio station.

3. For a quick solve:

Dance like you're in a disco inferno with our Miami Fire: Latin House radio station.

4. When you want to jam out solo:

But it you insist, sing along to our Singing in the Shower: '90s Edition radio station.

5. When early-bird tickets go on sale:

Our Classic Ambient radio station is a great soundtrack for making executive decisions.

6. Because you always want to look your best:

Shake it to the hottest songs on our '00s Club Bangers radio station.

7. While everyone is singing their hearts out:

Our Kitchen Karaoke Classic radio station makes everyone feel better about messing up the words.

8. Since your room is a representation of yourself:

And while you're in bed admiring your wall art, listen to our Acoustic Bedtime radio station.

9. When you want to try something new:

It's all right — our Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals radio station can ease the pain.

10. Whenever your crush is around:

They'll fall in love with you once you start singing your heart out to our Ultimate Pop-Rock Road Trip radio station.

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No matter how pressing your music questions are, Google Play Music has the perfect radio stations to put you at ease.

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