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17 Times The Villagers In Animal Crossing Were The Most Honest Version Of You

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1. The villagers in Animal Crossing are basically the most honest version of yourself that you wish you could be...

2. Like you, they get hangry...

3. And believe that avocado toast is more important than a house.

4. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could ask people for whatever you wanted? (Even if it was RIGHT in front of you...)

5. And be as shady as you wanted to be? 💅

6. Here's some situations where the villagers would have the most *perfect* responses...

7. When you're meeting someone new and have nothing to say:

"If I have to talk about how it's unseasonably warm one more time..."

8. How you feel after completely roasting everyone at family game night:

What? You mean not everyone flips board games over when they're frustrated?

9. When sales clerks won't stop bothering you, even though you totally said, "I'm good, thanks!"

"Seriously, I'm just looking!"

10. When you fib a little on your resume, and you have to explain yourself in an interview:

Fake it 'til you make it, baby!

11. When you meet someone new and they follow you on ALL your social media accounts:

"Well, I guess that's what social media is for...?"

12. How you feel when you tell your waiter that what you ordered was completely different than what you got:

Sometimes they'll even let you keep the mistake.

13. When you really want to buy something, but the price tag is way out of your budget:

Treat yo' self!!!

14. What you want to put in your dating profile for "qualities of a good partner":

It's simple, really.

15. When you're really just going for it on a first date:

Best to let it all out sooner rather than later.

16. On your, like, fifth date with someone, when you finally feel comfortable to share some of your quirks:

Yeah, really let it out!

17. Villagers, keep being sassy, hilarious, and authentically you!

It makes the game that much more fun to play.

All images from Nintendo.

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