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12 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me Listening To Music"

Pump up the feels. Google Play Music has all the stations you want, whenever you want 'em.

1. When the lyrics tell your truth:

2. Me when I overhear someone mention a band I love:

3. When you're listening to a banger on your headphones:

4. When the music feels it too:

5. When your song comes on and you literally cannot control yourself:

6. When someone insults your favorite band:

7. When the DJ got you like that:

8. When you think you just found your official summer anthem:

9. When you have a partner to wild out with:

10. When you're preparing for that chorus to hit after the bridge's tasty build-up:

11. When the song’s emotionally overwhelming so you have to pause it and let it out before you can move on:

12. When you can truly dance like no one's watching:

Music is universal– we all know the feeling. For thousands of stations of music for every musical mood, try Google Play Music.

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