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13 Carguments Everyone Has On A Road Trip

Ahh, road trips. One of America's greatest pastimes. Google Maps is there to help make road trips less about fights and more about finding all sorts of cool stops along the way!

1. Who gets to sit shotgun.

2. Which unlucky sap gets stuck in the middle seat.

3. Blasting the AC vs. rolling down the windows and letting your hair blow in the wind.

4. Using GPS vs. relying on human intuition and local knowledge.

5. Who gets control of the aux cord.

6. Making unnecessary stops.

7. Who farted?

8. Yelling at whoever's driving to watch the dang road.

9. Where to eat.

10. Who gets to hold the fast-food bag and eat the loose fries.

11. Making frequent "pit stops."

12. "Stop kicking my seat!"

13. Who gets to change the radio station...and how loud to make it.

Carguments be gone! Use Google Maps not only to get to your destination but to find cool stops along the way! Check out awesome pit stops we found on the #MapsRoadTrip from LA to Vegas and share yours!

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