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10 Times We Wished People Really Got The Hint

Could we BE any clearer?

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5. When you said you weren't big on birthdays, so of course they threw you a surprise party.

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Is there anything more awkward than people singing you "Happy Birthday" who clearly don't want to be singing you "Happy Birthday"?

6. When you put your earphones in, but someone insists on telling you their life story.

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"Oh hey, did I tell you about my friend Elke when we went to this concert last night and she lost her wallet and then she panicked and then she thought she might have lost her phone too but she didn't so she called the bank to cancel her stuff but the bank wouldn't pick up so she started to really panic but then it turned out the wallet was in her bag all along?"


7. When you squeeze on a crowded train and shout "Can you move down please?" and NOTHING HAPPENS. / Via

No, don't worry about the increasing avalanche of people that's forming behind you, sir. You keep pretending not to hear and blocking the way for everyone.

Life could be so much easier, if only people just got the hint.

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