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11 Internet Fails That'll Make You Facepalm Over And Over

Step away from the computer – you are on an internet timeout.

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1. Not logging out of your social media. / Via

"Sometimes, when I'm alone, I fill my bathtub with curry sauce and pretend I'm a bratwurst."

...We're guessing you personally didn't share that status update, did you? #fail

2. Forgetting your parents can see your updates.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Perhaps you should be more aware of who's looking when you next decide to upload photos of Saturday night's antics... Sorry, Mum.

3. Not making use of "incognito" browsing for "sensitive" topics. / Via

There really is a whole variety of reasons why you should be making better use of this browser tool. It's just trying to be your best friend – let it.

4. Sending professional emails from the email address you made when you were a preteen.

CBS Television Distribution / Via

I'm sure the prospective employer you just sent your CV to will appreciate receiving it from Super cute.

5. Opening scam emails that aren't as friendly as they seem. / Via

Yes, this email looks like it's from your bank, and yes, the link telling you to click on it to collect €200 looks official, but really, it's depositing a virus into your computer as you click. Sorry mate.

6. Using the internet to self-diagnose yourself. / Via

It's just a cold, not cancer.

7. Hitting "reply all" on an email meant for one person's eyes only. / Via

Yep, your boss did just receive that email describing how crazy things got last night – good luck.

8. Jumping on any old open, public Wi-Fi network. / Via

Your data: "If it's not secure, it's not worth it. Believe me."

9. Accidentally liking someone's photo from years ago when you are mid-stalking session.

FremantleMedia / Via

You should just leave the internet right now and never return. You'll never be able to show your face again anyway after liking their photo from "Thailand 2010".

10. Ridiculous password choices. / Via

Your name is not a viable password option. "Password" is also not an acceptable choice. Neither is "password123". Neither is "12345". Nor "123456". Just...stop.

11. Using the same password for EVERYTHING.

ESPN / Via

One password to crack them all.

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