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Emotions You Go Through When Someone Picks Up Your Mobile


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1. The Fear


You know the kind of fear where you don't know whether to be more terrified that they'll find out you don't know how to spell the word "accidentally" or that you've googled your own name 15 times in the last week? Yeah. That kinda fear.

3. Over-Arching Sadness

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You have succumbed to your situation. You have accepted that secrets will be spilled. They'll see that weird topless selfie of you from last night where you had peanut butter all over your face and chest, and your friendship will be altered forever.

4. The Fear They'll See That Text You Sent About Them

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This was never meant to happen. You were supposed to have anonymity. It was not a message about their terrible fashion sense that was meant for general consumption. (Note: You're going to want to go into hiding for a bit)

You know what else feels good? Knowing you never have to go through any of this again! All courtesy of Google My Account.

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