So let’s see here. Questioning the morals of…

So let’s see here. Questioning the morals of people you know nothing about, besides the fact that they don’t believe in god. Do you think that all Muslims are terrorists too? Madalyn O’Hair is a very poor example of Atheism as a whole. I despise her. Just because she is one of the reasons that Atheist’s that get a bad name. No evil is not inherent in people. Good is inherent in all people. This is saying that my daughter or you for example was born evil. People are products of their environments. We generally bash the book not that we don’t like it, the few stories it does have about love, and compassion are well overwhelmed by stories of hate, violence, bigotry, genocide, jealousy, so on and so forth. This is like saying “People love to bash Mein Kempf, because they don’t like it”. Science and rational thought is the best way that we know how to understand our world around us. God being taken out of the equation. What equation are you referring to exactly? Have you found a better way to explain our existence, the world around us, etc. That can be seen, studied, theorized, chance for well established peers to agree/disagree, that can be experimented on over and over again before the theory actually stands to be true. Remember gravity is still a theory also, do you believe in gravity? Yes, religion has been around for a very long time. Primitive people needed an explanation for things happening around them(i.e. disasters, famine, war, infant mortality rate) That still holds true today, we are a very primitive people still, and its mostly because of religious oppression throughout the thousands of years. Remember, Rome fell because of religion trying to force themselves on people, if you didn’t surrender and agree, you died. You must know alot of Atheists to come up with this outlook of them all. I have never smoked pot around my daughter, I don’t even smoke pot. I have never driven while under the influence, I’ve always been too chicken to, lol. But I know that I never would. Thats something else I’ve never done in front of my daughter. And what are the many, many other things that are awful? I don’t commit murder, I don’t steal from ppl. Just because we speak a little different, about things that you don’t understand, in scientific terms? Because we do things because WE want to do them, not because we are afraid of being punished for eternity. So what are your reasons? I am very interested in knowing?

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