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8 Times Gonzaga Basketball Players’ Hair Rocked The Court

From Kevin Pangos to Ronny Turiaf ... Zag hair makes headlines

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1. Kelly Olynyk.

Gonzaga University

Although his golden locks look effortlessly windblown, Canadian-born Olynyk didn’t have a total breeze of a time with the Zags, spending his red shirt season training hard to overcome his massive height and gain grace and coordination. The work paid off and now he plays for the Boston Celtics. Sports Illustrated says his man bun has special basketball enhancing powers.

2. Przemek Karnowski.

Gonzaga University

Another big guy with even bigger hair goals for his fans. Beards are all the rage today and Przemek puts stubble to shame. This great Spokesman-Review article cites him as pridefully calling it, “A full Polish beard.”

8.Dan Dickau

Gonzaga University

He may possibly be the reigning king of this list. He sported curly locks during his time as a Zag and took it to the next level after his basketball career when he opened his own chain of barbershops. (See story here.)

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