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10 Signs Someone Is Lying

It's not as easy as it looks. Gone Girl in theaters today.

1. They fidget.

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Fidgeting is a sign of discomfort and that someone may be lying.

2. They shuffle their feet.

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Similar to fidgeting, shuffling of the feet indicates that a potential liar is uncomfortable and may want to leave the situation.

3. They blink a lot.

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If you know the person and their rhythm well, this can be a good indicator that you're not getting the whole truth.

4. Or they don't blink much at all.

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Conversely, not blinking much can also be a sign. Knowing how much someone normally blinks is very important in discerning whether this is a tell or not.

5. They tilt their head.

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Similar in nature to looking to the left or the right, but, you know... the whole head this time. Beware the head tilt, and the second lady on the right.

6. They break eye contact.

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It can be hard to maintain eye contact when you have to fabricate the next thing you're saying. If you keep losing someone's gaze, they may be fibbing.

7. Microexpressions.

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The tiny little expressions that barely register on someone's face can be a big indicator of what's really going on inside them at any given moment.

8. They point a lot.

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When a liar feels they're lies are being discovered, they may start pointing at their accuser to try and turn the tables.

9. They make negative statements.

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When someone is lying, they are less likely to cooperate and more likely to make negative statements (or gestures).

10. Their voice raises in pitch.

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If you know someone's normal voice, check to see if their answers to your questions are in a higher range than normal. It can be a tricky indicator, but certainly one to look out for.

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