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"Fuck That Gator!" How Tommie Woodward's Last Words Haunt His Family

Tommie Woodward yelled, "Fuck that gator!" just before he was killed by one in Texas, and his death instantly became a national joke. For his family, grieving means having to rescue the person from the punchline.

Thomas Golianopoulos 2 years ago

How Vince McMahon's Son Left The WWE Empire To Make It On His Own

It's been more than four years since Shane McMahon left the family business — the $2.3 billion WWE juggernaut — to launch a video-on-demand company in China. But, as WrestleMania again approaches without him in the fold, those challenges may make being suplexed through a plate of glass feel like a breeze by comparison.

Thomas Golianopoulos 5 years ago