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12 Things You Realize If You Date A Golfer

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1. Their golf tees are equivalent to hair ties — you find them everywhere!


2. Their definition of what is fashionable is highly debateable.

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3. They have tried to teach you how to swing a golf club with lots of analogies.

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4. Their yard may have its fair share of practice divots.

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5. They know how to use their hips!

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6. They have an uncanny ability to see if something is not level.

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7. They've been caught trying to master this trick at one point in your relationship.

8. Their ideal day date involves a couple of hours at the driving range.

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9. They may not handle losing at miniature golf all too well.

10. Their idea of "sand beneath my feet" is totally different from yours.

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11. They are constantly checking for weather updates.

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12. They tend to use the subtle golf clap at every applause opportunity.

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