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    The Story Of Goldilocks And The Wolf

    The story of the rescue husky that became my salvation from domestic abuse and inspired the adventures of Goldilocks and the Wolf on Instagram.

    Our story begins 3 years ago..

    Kyro didn’t know it at the time.. but he was the one who would rescuing me.

    His blue eyes were a motivation to seek happiness that I couldn't ignore.

    Many happy months of adventures passed..

    And with each month our bond grew stronger and stronger.

    Our photographic adventures began to gather attention online.

    Soon enough, we became know as “Goldilocks and the Wolf”.

    Our adventures soon became a fairy-tale that we were writing ourselves..

    From lazy beach days

    To mountain lake sunsets

    Brisk sunrise hikes

    Breathtaking views

    Endless smiles

    And I really do mean endless smiles.

    Surrounded by breathtaking seasons...

    We live a life of color and wonder..

    No longer trapped by black and white.

    His soul had touched mine.

    Adventure is calling-

    Where will it take you?

    Mine took me to you..

    Our fairy-tale isn't over though...

    And that is the story of Goldilocks and the Wolf.

    Want to stay in touch with our journey?

    Kiro 7 News: Our Story