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We Dare You To Look At These 19 Pictures Without Smiling

The rules are simple: no smiling — not even once. Are you up to it?

1. All right, let's start off easy.

2. Remember: no smiling.

3. Absolutely snow smiling allowed.

4. Definitely don't show us your teeth.

5. Don't even try to be cute.

6. You're doing grate so far...

7. HEY! Stop that.

8. We're completely sea-rious.

9. How ya hangin' in there?

10. You're putting some mussel into it now.

11. Two smile, or not two smile?

12. Resistance is fruit-ile.

13. You can't freeze us out forever!

No? Still nothing? Impressive.

Time to break out the good stuff. How about...


15. Now you're done for.

16. Hold it in!

17. Don't you DARE smile at this happy moustached gentleman!

18. Or this satisfied patron of a sophisticated dining establishment!

19. OK, even we're smiling now.

Whew! You made it.

When you see a smile, you gotta smile back! Enjoy The Snack That Smiles Back® with Goldfish®.

All images via Getty Images.