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Moms Are Tougher Than Anyone

It was labor of love…literally.



A mom’s body goes through some really incredible changes while her baby is dividing its cells. Everything in her body increases two-fold. Increased respiratory, the heart pumps harder and faster to produce extra blood, and as the baby grows the organs SHIFT AROUND TO MAKE ROOM. That glow everyone’s always raving about, yeah, that’s because there’s more oxygen, estrogen, and blood being pumped like crazy. Because of all those hormones moms tend to cry more: at Hallmark commercials, lack of chocolate, and Denzel Washington’s creeper mustache.



This is the only time mom wanted to get away from you as quickly as possible. All the weight gain, morning/afternoon/night sickness, and crying has made this possible: the miracle of life. More like a miracle mom didn’t go Muhammad Ali on the next person telling her to “just breath.” Labor is no joke. Extra hormones are pumped into mom’s body to soften her ligaments and cervix to make birthing easier. And just like they will in 18 years, baby begins to shift and drop in order to leave mom. Since the body is pushing a watermelon out of a needle head contractions are necessary to enlarge the cervix. This can last from a few hours to 18 hours. Oh but my mom had a C-section so it was quick. Sorry but no. Mom still had to go through all of that since vaginal births are better. C-sections are only employed if mom and baby are at risk. Which means mom was cut open, her organs removed, put in bowls, baby removed, organs put back in, and she was stitched back up. Now I need an epidural.

Your pain is her pain


Life is pain. Hunger cramps, getting your first tooth, falling the first time you stand is all met with intense crying. During all these firsts’ mom wishes she could take on that pain, so she cries, you cry, it’s a mess. Late nights, lack of sleep, and eating all so that soft spot on your head doesn’t accidently implode on itself (WTF would you put a red button on the most vulnerable part of infant). All this increases with age: broken bones, broken heart, and endless crying over getting an F. All the pain of life is obscured by fact that mom has your back and will cuddle you no matter how old you get. You’re her baby and she’ll kick anyone’s ass for you.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the kickass mothers out there! We love you and we're really sorry.

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