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10 Dogs So Excited They Just Can't Hide It!

But what's sent them buzzing with excitement?

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1. "You know what I'm excited about, don't you?" Winks this Shiba Inu.

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2. Go on, French Bulldog, flash us that beautiful smile!


3. This over excited Pug cannot contain himself!

4. It's all too much for this Boston Terrier who is delirious with excitement!

5. This wiggly Boxer has just heard what's happening!

6. "Is it true, is it true??" Asks this Basset Hound bounding over to confirm the news!


7. "EMERRRGAWD" - these Corgi's were quoted as saying.


8. We're not sure what breed this is, but excitement has reached fever pitch!

9. "Quick! Let's buy tickets!"

10. Roll up! Roll up! Yes, if you haven't guessed yet, these pups are all excited for the Golden gate Kennel Club Dog Show 2017!


Join us and a whole bunch of excited dogs at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on Jan 28-29 2017! Find out more here:

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