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7 Websites That Will Inspire Your Creative Side!

When you can't find inspiration.

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3. CreativeBoom


If you want to start freelancing, Creative Boom has many articles about the latest tips and resources in order for you to succeed as a creative freelancer. Also, Creative Boom showcases multiple creative work from other freelance artists.

4. Alphonso Dunn's Youtube Channel

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All you need is a pen and paper to follow along Alphonso Dunn's ink technique tutorials. He goes over the basics of drawing, proportion, and how to create life-like textures with just an ordinary pen.

5. Skillshare

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Want to learn hand lettering, online marketing or filmmaking? Skillshare is the place to learn the latest techniques and improve your skills from art to learning html. There are 12,000 tutorials as well as projects for you to participate in and get constructive feedback from your peers and your Skillshare teacher.

6. Craftsy

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Knitting, Cooking, Art and Sewing all in one place! Not only Craftsy offers stylish knitting patterns, pdf instructions and online art, sewing and cooking classes, but they sell the supplies and project kits for your latest project!

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