10 Awesome People Too Awesome For Their Shirts!

Some people can’t keep their shirts on!

James T. Kirk! During a fight with some alien monster (or a tussle with some space babe) Kirk has been known to lose his shirt.

Listen up, brother…Hulk Hogan thinks shirts only are for ripping. You should see what he does to his shorts.

MJ did not have the muscle to justify ripping off his shirt…but Chum-awn…he was MJ!

Brando! Now he had more Awesome than any one person should have.

You call him Dr. Jones, doll! Does that shirt look familiar?…it should. Take his hat off and it is another Doc we know.

HULK SMASH! Ok…so he loses his shirt. But where do you even buy purple pants? And elastic ones at that?

Ash! So he does not get every single syllable just right. So what! He is still kicking goblin butt and has the shirt to prove!

Bruce Lee. Nuff said!

Wolfman! (Oliver Reed) There is no howling at the moon with a buttoned up shirt!

DOC SAVAGE - The Man Of Bronze! Doc is the original ‘super hero’ and forefather of awesome! When these other guys were still diaper-rippers, Doc was fighting evil with his bare fists!

Inspired by DOC SAVAGE! This year marks the 80th anniversary of this icon of action! Pre-order the first ever limited edition Doc Savage 1:6 Scale figure.

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