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10 Things You Can Tell About Your Date By Their Car

A new potential bae picks you up for your first date — the contents of their car could tell you a lot about them before the date even starts. Make a great first impression with Ford.

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1. Do they have control issues?

You try to roll down the window, and you realize your date has child-lock activated. Is there a child in sight? That's a whole other question... but the first question is why they feel the need to control their surroundings.

2. Are they high maintenance?

If your date transformed their cup holder into a traveling medicine cabinet, they might be a little high maintenance. Everyone can use a touch-up now and again, but let's leave the makeup counter at the store.

3. Do you have similar tastes in music? / Via

Don't pay attention to whatever's playing when you first get in the car; they might have put on a song specifically to impress you. Check out their radio presets for an honest peak into their favorite music.

4. Are they opinionated?

Jason Todd / Getty Images

The way a person chooses to dress says a lot about them. A bumper sticker is like a permanent T-shirt, so the bumper sticker a person decides to put on their car says even more about them.

5. Are they careless and/or lazy?

Jim Larrison (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: larrison

If their check-engine light is on and they've put off checking their brakes, it might be time for a break. When your date is ignoring all the signs, make sure you're not doing the same.

6. What's their guilty pleasure?

Getting a glimpse of your date's glove compartment might not be the easiest sleuth move to execute, but if you do manage to sneak a peek, you'll be able to see what items your date can't leave home without.

7. How hygienic are they?

BBC One / Not Going Out / Via

A little air freshener never hurt anyone. But if you get into your date's car and feel like you've been sprayed in the face by one of those ladies spraying perfume at the mall, your date is probably trying to mask some serious stank.

8. Are they adventurous?

If your date's car has a bike or surfboard rack on the roof, chances are they're the "adventurous" type. That is, unless they're the "pick up a new hobby and drop it almost immediately" type.

9. Where do they eat when they're not trying to impress you? / Via

Leftover to-go cups, napkins, and receipts stuffed in the cup holder are essentially a recent search history of the last places your potential bae went to eat.