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10 California Farmers' Markets Worth Traveling The Extra Mile For

So the farmers' market might not be as close as your nearest grocery store, but sometimes going the extra mile is worth it — both for you and local businesses! So get in the car, and go a little further to do a lot of good.

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1. Mountain View Farmers' Market — Mountain View

Jill Clardy (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: jillclardy

Breaking the top 5 of America's Favorite Farmers' Market contest, the Mountain View Market has been providing its patrons with fresh crops for over two decades and is open Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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2. Hollywood Farmers’ Market — Hollywood

In addition to fresh California produce, the Hollywood Farmers' Market offers a wide array of artisanal goods, including biscuits, honey, jams, fish, free-range poultry, and more. Drive on over to the market for cooking demos, live music, and workshops for kids.

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3. Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market — San Francisco

The Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market offers everything from fresh produce via regional farmers to meats and eggs from local ranchers. Thursdays, the market hosts several artisan street foods, and on Saturdays, local restaurants display all their offerings.

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4. The Vegetable Shop at the Chino Family Farm — Rancho Santa Fe

A staple since 1969, The Vegetable Shop is a hub for celebrity chefs and amateur foodies alike. Cruise through the Chino Family Farm for out-of-the-crate produce like yellow watermelon and red carrots.

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5. Santa Monica Farmers' Market — Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Farmers' Market strives to provide its urban customers with small-farm agricultural products and has been doing so for over 20 years. It also hosts a variety of events, including outdoor concerts and green living workshops.

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6. Yamashiro Farmers' Market — Los Angeles

Nothing is conventional about Yamashiro Farmers' Market, from its unparalleled views, nighttime setting, and even its offerings (like lasagna cupcakes)! FYI before you get in the car: It's only open from April to September and is a bit steeper in price.

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7. Montrose Harvest Market — Montrose

Every Sunday, this market offers a variety of prepared foods to enjoy while attending their special events or browsing their array of antiques and collectibles. It's also a traditional farmers' market, hosting the best produce from SoCal growers.

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8. Vineyard Farmers' Market — Fresno

niiicedave (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: 33671002@N00

Housed under the the majestic vineyard arbor at Blackstone and Shaw, this market offers Californians organic fruits and vegetables grown within a two-hour drive of Fresno.

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9. Grand Lake Farmers' Market — Oakland

2010's Best of the East Bay winner is home to 40-plus local farmers, 30-plus specialty food vendors, and a select few local artisans. Nestled in Splash Pad Park, it's lawn-adjacent — perfect for locals to picnic on with their fresh finds.

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10. San Rafael Civic Center Farmers' Market — San Rafael

In the summer, almost 200 local farmers contribute to this San Rafael market! Continuously growing since 1987, the market still manages to stay true to its local feel and serves the freshest foods the North Bay area has to offer.

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