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10 Bumper Stickers For Every Type Of Mom

You can tell a lot from a person's bumper stickers! Even mom's. Let Ford help you through parenthood, no matter what type of mom you are.

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1. The Overprotective Mom

Mustafa Arican / Getty Images

2. The "Living a Lie" Mom

Car Culture / Getty Images

3. The "Humblebrag" Mom

Car Culture / Getty Images

4. The “My Child Is Actually a Cat” Mom

Henn Photo / Getty Images

5. The “My Kids Are All Grown Up, Now I Can Relax” Mom


6. The “I Live Vicariously Through My Child” Mom


7. The Hippie Mom

Mark Horn / Getty Images

8. The "Excuse Me But My Car Was Way Too Expensive to Throw Bumper Stickers On” Mom


9. The “No Sleep Ever” Mom

Matthew Micah Wright / Getty Images

10. The Really, Truly, Best Mom Ever


It doesn't matter what the back of her car says, Ford believes all moms are superstars.