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10 Bumper Stickers For Every Type Of Mom

You can tell a lot from a person's bumper stickers! Even mom's. Let Ford help you through parenthood, no matter what type of mom you are.

1. The Overprotective Mom

2. The "Living a Lie" Mom

3. The "Humblebrag" Mom

4. The “My Child Is Actually a Cat” Mom

5. The “My Kids Are All Grown Up, Now I Can Relax” Mom

6. The “I Live Vicariously Through My Child” Mom

7. The Hippie Mom

8. The "Excuse Me But My Car Was Way Too Expensive to Throw Bumper Stickers On” Mom

9. The “No Sleep Ever” Mom

10. The Really, Truly, Best Mom Ever

It doesn't matter what the back of her car says, Ford believes all moms are superstars.