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The (Not So) Definitive Ranking Of 22 Slice-Of-Life Anime

Step into the world of slice-of-life and never look back.

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Disclaimer: This list is obviously based off my own opinion. Totally fine if you disagree or think another show should be on here. This list only includes the slice-of-life shows I've seen so far, but definitely leave some suggestions below!!

20. Glasslip

This show had SO MUCH potential. I loved the beginning, even if I didn't know what was happening, but by the last episode I was even more confused than I was before. Other than that I really enjoyed the animation and characters, but that's about it.

18. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

A good light romance and comedic anime. Pretty generic storyline, but I really enjoyed the side characters and knew that I'd get a good laugh out of each episode.

17. The Daily Life of a High School Boy

All I can say is hilarious. You want a show with romance, drama, and adventure? Well there is none of that here. Nope. Just sit back and experience the wonderfully average lives of these average guys.

15. Servant x Service

A cute comedy about office workers. I probably would have rated this higher if they allowed the story to progress a little further, instead of focusing so much on the funny parts (then again it is a comedy). Either way I liked the way it was going, and found the show to be quite entertaining.

14. Oreimo

I was actually surprised at how much I liked this show. Many people were immediately turned off by the eroge and sibling love, but honestly it wasn't as bad as it could've been. I agree that the OVAs could have been better, but all in all I enjoyed watching the relationship between the two and the overall plot of the show.

12. Engaged to the Unidentified

I don't know what I thought this show was going to be about, but the storyline was definitely unexpected. And I loved it. Since it was a pretty light-hearted show, there is still so much they can do to further the plot and relationship between the two main characters. If they ever made another season, I would watch it in a heartbeat.

11. Blue Spring Ride

The anime progressed a lot slower than the manga, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It brought a lot of focus towards the characters and their backstories. The story is nothing new, but that didn't stop me from squealing like a middle schooler during certain parts of the show.

10. One Week Friends

This show had all sorts of feels. Although I wished for something bigger to happen, I liked the underlying innocence with each character. It was a refreshing show to watch (mind all the feels).

9. Golden Time

Once I heard this was from the same creators as Toradora, I knew it would be good. It starts off a little slow, but the plot is nonetheless great. The characters are eccentric and hilarious as expected, and I loved that they were in college instead of high school.

8. Kokoro Connect

Loved the overall concept of this show. It started off like your usual slice-of-life, high school style anime; but within minutes proves you wrong. I really liked the direction they went with the storyline, it created enough room for the character development to fit in perfectly.

7. You and Me

This show is probably the definition of slice-of-life. Some people might think the show is boring, but I honestly loved it (especially the second season). It had the perfect balance with simplicity to get me hooked.

5. Beyond the Boundary

All I can say is that I really, REALLY love this show. Every second was so good. I think that since I was so used to the first episode being a bit slow and introductory, I wasn't prepared when this show came along. Even the filler episode was great. Although the ending could've been better, this show was consistently amazing and left me wanting more. Definitely one of my all-time favorites.

4. Toradora

Because how could I not mention this show. My brother actually forced me to watch this because he knew I would like it. And he was right. Just imagine taking those two characters that always stand out in all the wrong ways and put them together. What do you get? This show. And it's perfect.

3. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

This is NOT including the second season, which could've been a thousand times better. Everything about this show pulled me in. I absolutely loved the idea of the eighth-grade syndrome because I feal like in some light, we've all dealt with that embarrassing past or memory. Some don't want to grow out of it and some want to forget it ever happened. It was interesting to see the switch between reality and make-believe, especially during the fight scenes. If I were to be insanely biased, this show would've been first; but I understand that some shows inevitablely 'better' than others.

2. Clannad

I feel like the first season was just a way to prepare you for the amazing-ness (whoops not a word) that is Clannad: Afterstory. As stupid as it sounds, the symbolism worked perfectly throughout the show and the plot twists were great. In one of the OVAs, they essentially showed an alternate reality and it was awesome see the characters in a new perspective.

1. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Warning: this show will take you on a rollarcoaster of feels that you will never get out of. This show is insanely good. I think that, on top of the rom-com aspects and quirky characters, what really drew me in were the different themes of failure and reality. They had tons of episodes that were hilarious and entertaining, but there was also a certain realness that you were able to connect with. All in all, a fantastic show and definite must-watch.

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