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    9 Reasons Why Nick Cannon Should Not Be Allowed To Make A Nickelodeon Show About K-Pop

    This is the wonder girl's movie all over again.

    So apparently Nick Cannon is co-producing a show about K-Pop on Nickelodeon, which will either be called "The Drop" or "Kpop High". Here are some legitamite reasons why this should not be a thing.

    1. Because putting K-Pop on Nickelodeon will basically degrade the genre and its fans.

    It's going to be percieved as childish and the fandom will be disrepected and ridiculed because of it.

    2. Because its is much more than the music.

    There are so many reasons why people are drawn into K-Pop: the online culture, dancing/performances, idols, etc. etc. etc. In the end these aspects ultimately make up a fandom and community that is hard to portray through a silly, comedic show.

    3. Because this is the Wonder Girls all over again.

    You tried once before with the Wonder Girls, and we all know how that turned out. You'd think they would learn from their mistakes.

    4. Because what does Nick Cannon actually know about K-Pop?

    Genuine question, did you even get anyone who's actually in the k-pop industry to help produce this? No? Okay.

    5. Because the first episode will probably consist of Gangnam Style, Gentleman, and Hangover.

    Because that's all there is to it, right?

    6. Because we're screwed if the script is anything like the audition material.

    Check it out here.

    7. Because apparently dancing isn't mandatory.

    One of the biggest parts of K-Pop is the dancing, and you're trying to tell me it's not important?

    8. Because we already know what type of reactions people will have to this show.

    View this video on YouTube

    "It's the Asian Lady Gaga!"

    9. Because twitter is NOT happy.

    Stop the madness. Sign the petition here.