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15 Important Moments From BTS' New MV

War of Hormones. Sounds about right.

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1. First they started off without giving us time to prepare.

2. And to no surprise, Rap Mon came in looking extra fine.

3. So of course Jungkook had to join in on the fun.

4. Then all hell broke loose.

5. We praised whoever put Jimin in those pants.

6. And so did V.

7. Suga rapped like nobody's business.

8. And J-Hope wouldn't take no for an answer.

9. Then Jin thought it was perfectly okay to melt our hearts.

10. Aaand we're back to this madness.

11. They gave us a second to ready ourselves.

12. Before killing that choreo.

13. We all wished we were either V or Jungkook in this moment.

14. Then they finished it strong.

15. Well done, BTS. You deserve it.

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