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    I Had A Blast In Stockholm – Here Are 15 Things I Did Which I Highly Suggest You Check Out

    From taking a boat tour of the city to going to the ABBA museum!

    I'm Godfrey and I'm a video producer here at BuzzFeed UK! I love travelling, and when I do, I'm definitely an activities kind of guy rather than a lie on the beach and chill person.

    Recently, I visited Stockholm in Sweden to celebrate Candy Crush Saga's 10th anniversary with King, the makers of the iconic game. Here's a list of everything I did, which I think ~any~ visitor should try when stopping by this wonderful city!

    1. Take a boat tour around the city

    2. Stay in the heart of the city

    3. Go to an amusement park like Gröna Lund

    4. Have fika (AKA afternoon tea)

    Swedish tart, camera and coffee cup on a table

    5. See the amazing art in the Metro stations

    6. Visit MAX Hamburgers

    7. And see what the McDonald's regional menu has to offer!

    8. Swing by the ABBA Museum

    4 stars from the ABBA music group

    9. Drink at a permanent ice bar

    10. Treat yourself to some delicious food at Paul Taylor's

    11. Try the different snacks they have in Sweden

    12. Visit the Vasa Museum

    13. Take a trip to IKEA

    14. Visit a shopping mall in the city centre

    15. And finally, stop By King Offices (where candy crush is made)

    There you have it! If you enjoy doing a ton of things on your holidays, Stockholm is the place for you. I hope you found something on this list that piqued your interest, and remember, you can always come back to this list when you visit Sweden!