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    32 Things To Do With A Bagel

    Like Paul Giamatti, bagels are doughy, versatile and very, very tasty. Here are thirty-two things you can do with one...

    You could use it to cure a hangover

    And carry it around in an old CD spindle

    Or do this to your cat

    Or this

    Or this

    You could make it look like your cat

    Or just play fetch

    You could use it as a USB drive

    Modify yourself to look like it

    Or add Chorizo and Mozzarella

    You could give it to Nyan Cat / Via http://DeviantArt

    Or you could give it to the hamster

    Flickr: flounder907 / Via http://Flickr

    You could flatten it

    Add banana and peanut butter

    Or make a grilled cheese

    You could make it healthy

    Remove the gluten

    Or just make a burger

    Add salmon and lox

    Or grilled bacon & brie

    Or use it to make beer

    Break a world record...

    Make a pile

    Or make breakfast

    Or maybe cover it in chocolate

    You could make it happy

    Make it angry

    Or make it Angry Birds

    Why not make it into a purse

    Or a keyring

    Or you could just eat it...

    ...with sausage and roast tomato

    You can also find tasty bagel recipes in our book

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