32 Things To Do With A Bagel

Like Paul Giamatti, bagels are doughy, versatile and very, very tasty. Here are thirty-two things you can do with one…

2. And carry it around in an old CD spindle

3. Or do this to your cat

6. You could make it look like your cat

7. Or just play fetch

8. You could use it as a USB drive

9. Modify yourself to look like it

11. You could give it to Nyan Cat

konijnz.deviantart.com / Via http://DeviantArt

12. Or you could give it to the hamster

Flickr: flounder907 / Via http://Flickr

14. Add banana and peanut butter

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16. You could make it healthy

18. Or just make a burger

19. Add salmon and lox

21. Or use it to make beer

22. Break a world record…

25. Or maybe cover it in chocolate

26. You could make it happy

28. Or make it Angry Birds

29. Why not make it into a purse

31. Or you could just eat it…

33. You can also find tasty bagel recipes in our book

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