The Top 10 Wackiest Scholarships Of All Time

College students are always scrounging for new ways to get some funds for school. Even a weird name or hobby can merit serious cash-o-la.

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Cast your line for a $3,500 fly fishing scholarship. If you can’t catch that one, try for one of the many other wacky scholarships in the sea.

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Penchant for some llama lovin’? Showing an appreciation for llamas and alpacas in Michigan could net you up to $1,000.

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College ain’t cheap. This scholarship gets you free textbooks and all the money you would save on books ($1,200!).

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Those who consider Klingon their second tongue have earned $500 to study language.

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Tall college students
of the world rejoice! If you fit the height requirements of the exclusive tall people’s club, you can earn cash for college.

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If you can make it with wool, you can wear it. Get knitting for a chance at $2,000!

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If it seems like no one else has your last name, this scholarship
has your name written all over it!

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Ghosts, goblins, and witches
—for when reality isn’t enough for you a $3,000 scholarship could help.

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If you’re a golf caddie
who can actually make a high five work, you could earn dinero for school.

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Get $500 to put toward the best lofted bed
your campus has ever seen. Just don’t go tumbling out of it.

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