Moving To College: Expectation Vs. Reality

You ain’t moving to the Ritz.

Moving to college is a big deal. It may turn into a hot mess, but keep an open mind and roll with the punches.

2. Packing: Expectation


3. Reality

A dorm room has much less space than your room at home. Use a packing list and prioritize!

4. Driving to school: Expectation


5. Reality


Your car is filled with all of your belongings and you may not have ever driven to your campus. Be patient! You’ll get there… eventually.

6. Seeing your dorm room for the first time: Expectation

7. Reality

Your dorm room is small. Don’t be surprised if your mattress is made of plastic and your windows only open 3 inches. On the bright side, you can always decorate!

8. Shopping for college essentials: Expectation

Shopping spree!

9. Reality

Cut down that shopping list, supplies are expensive to the max. At least you can save money by using affordable textbooks and study tools!

10. Saying goodbye to your parents: Expectation


Adios, adieu, ciao parents. See you at Thanksgiving!

11. Reality

After spending most of your young life in the nest, it can get pretty sad to officially fly away! Stay in touch with your parents and visit when you can; having a strong support system will help your transition into college.

12. First night in the dorm: Expectation


College is a non-stop party, right?

13. Reality


Nope. It’s better to realize early on in the game that you’re going to need a consistent and healthy sleeping schedule. Plus, after moving to college, you’re going to be wiped.

Good luck with the move! Someday you’ll look back on all the madness and laugh.

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